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DEHUMANIZATION                         43

of a member of society, of the citizen of a state,
rather than of a man as an integral being, a free
spirit. The emphasis upon man as a ^citizen
covered and obscured the concept of man as a
free spirit belonging to another order of being,
and on the other hand it obstructed the vision
of man as a labourer and producer. The right
of every man to worthy existence by his own
labour was somehow not proclaimed. The con-
tradictions and the false results of this pro-
clamation of the rights and liberties of the
citizen in a bourgeois society have called forth a
reaction against the idea of freedom for human
personality itself. The rights of the individual
have been confined to the formal and political
and do not extend into the economic sphere
where freedom to labour under the capitalist
regime has been a mockery of man's true freedom.
Liberty was discovered to be protection of the
rights of the strong, leaving the weak defence-
less* This is one of the paradoxes of liberty in
social life. Freedom turned out to be freedom for
oneself and slavery for others. He is the true
lover of liberty who desires it for others as well
as for himself. Liberty has become the protection
of the rights of a privileged minority, the defence
of capitalistic property and the power of money.
Th6 vast masses of labour have not known
liberty. The right to vote for a parliament is